Consumer Law

From our every day purchases to large investments, we expect the products we buy to meet a certain quality.  If a product you purchased was faulty or not up to the standard you expected, there’s more you can do than complain. Alternatively, you may already be in dispute with the manufacturers or company and want to reach a resolution. 

Examples of where your consumer rights (Consumer Rights Act 2015) might have been breached include:

  • When something you’ve bought in a shop is faulty and you have been refused a refund

  • White goods i.e washing machines, tumble dryers etc not being up to standard, defective or as advertised

  • Vehicles (new vehicle or second hand vehicle) not being up to standard, defective or as advertised

  • When you’ve hired a builder or another worker to do a job and they’ve left you with unfinished or defective work

  • When you’ve booked a package holiday that turned out to be not as described in the brochure


If you have sustained an injury as a result of a faulty item we have a sister firm, MTA Personal Injury Solicitors, who are based in the same building as us and are specialists in Personal Injury Law.