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Civil Law Solicitors

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MTA’s Civil Litigation Department has an excellent track record in conducting civil litigation on behalf of individuals.

We represent claimants and defendants and will negotiate on your behalf, issue or respond to proceedings and represent you in the courts if the need arises. Our expert Litigation Solicitors will work closely with you, providing straightforward, legal advice and guide you through every aspect of your Civil Dispute Lawsuit.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation and Civil Law, covers an extensive range of legal disputes between two or more parties regarding civil matters. This varied field is used to resolve disputes or claims with an individual, company, local authority or a government department. Civil law as opposed to Criminal Law is used to resolve non-criminal disputes, including property disagreements, intellectual property rights and breaches of contract.

How MTA Solicitors Can Help You!

If you have incurred a loss as a result of a defendants actions or need to defend a claim being brought against you, we are experienced at successfully resolving litigation claims and disputes relating to:
MTA Solicitors LLP is a leading national law firm, with civil dispute solicitors in Bromley, Kent,  London and Manchester who operate nationwide. We successfully represent clients in civil litigation disputes from anywhere in England and Wales.

No Obligation Civil Litigation Advice*

MTA civil dispute Solicitors can pursue your compensation claim on a no win no fee basis, assessing your situation and applying the correct course of action, tailored to suit your needs.

Contact a member of our Legal Advice Team today, and find out how we can help you. Call our Civil Litigation Department on 0208 437 0731 or Make an Online Enquiry with our Civil Litigation Team