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Making A Will

Making a Will can be a daunting prospect and it is certainly one that you don’t want to be doing over and over again. Drafting a Will ensures that you have a legally binding document which clearly defines who is to benefit from your property and possessions after your death.

Creating A Will

Writing a Will allows you to:
  • Decide who inherits and how much

  • Make clear on Inheritance Tax (the current threshold is £325,000)

  • Appoint legal guardians for your children

  • Set up trusts for your children in the event you die before they reach the age of maturity

  • Allow you to plan for your funeral

  • Appoint executors who can also be your trustees, though not necessarily the guardians of your children

When contemplating writing your Will it is important to avoid opting for a cheap quick-fix. Mistakes are common with DIY wills. Consulting with an expert Wills Solicitor who is experienced in drafting Wills, will ensure everything runs according to your wishes following death.

How We Can Help You

Our Will writing department will ensure that the process is easy and straightforward, enabling you to make amendments as and when you wish. Our Wills and Probate department will give you the peace of mind that your executors will fulfil your wishes in the event of your death and will avoid any discrepancies, family disagreements or uncertainties which invariably follow when someone dies without leaving a Will.
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