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Protecting Your Estate

Estate Protection Planning ensures the greatest amount of your assets are transferred to your chosen beneficiaries, whilst remaining the most tax efficient or tax exempt. This could include:
  • A well drafted Tax efficient Will
  • Lifetime Gifting
  • Protective Property Trust Will
  • Life Assurance Policies
  • Pension Schemes
  • Trust Funds
  • Appointing Executors and Powers of Attorney
A good Estate Planning and protection strategy can provide you and your family peace of mind that provisions are set in place for the disposal of your estate upon your death, securing your assets for the benefit of your heirs.

Many people are surprised at how large their Estate would be if they take into account the value of their home, life insurance policies and in some cases death in service benefits. Any Estate valued over £325,000 (£650,000 in some cases following changes that came into effect in October 2007) is subject to the 40% Inheritance Tax. This can amount to a considerable payment to have to make and will significantly reduce the value of any remaining assets you have worked hard to secure for your chosen beneficiaries.

Drafting a Will

It is vital that you draft a Will, as this is the only secure way to define who is to benefit from your property and possessions after your death. This avoids any discrepancies on how your estate is to be administered and any family disagreements or uncertainties which invariably follow when someone dies without leaving a Will. If you have not already done so, drafting your Will is the perfect opportunity to consider your financial circumstances and set in place your plans for any future arrangements including funerals, medical care, treatment and residential or nursing care.

How We Can Help You

Our Wills and Probate solicitors will help you evaluate the size of your estate - which could include assets such as property, pensions, shares and personal property - and identify the opportunities that will help you avoid or reduce the amount of inheritance tax your family will have to pay on your estate and enable you to preserve wealth for your dependents if the worst comes to the worst.

Our solicitors can advise on making appropriate provisions for vulnerable beneficiaries, protecting their resources whilst continuing to benefit from them. You may also want to consider appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney who can manage your affairs in the event you become unable to do so.
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