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Neighbour Disputes

What Should I do If I have a Dispute with my Neighbour?

First and foremost, the ideal solution would be to try and solve the problem amicably, but record everything in writing and try to maintain a detailed diary of all incidents, which could be required in court proceedings at some stage.

A Solicitors Letter may be useful in letting your neighbour know you are serious, which will confirm that the next step may be court action. If a neighbour dispute is still not resolved at this stage, you may wish to consider taking your neighbour to court. However, you should be aware that this can be a costly process and could impact on the relationship with your neighbour.

Dealing with Noise Nuisance, Abusive and Threatening Neighbours

You may consider involving the Police or Local Authority, who may intervene if threats and abuse become serious, amount to harassment, become racially or religiously motivated or if there is persistent and serious noise nuisance. If your neighbours are discriminating against you in any way, you should speak to an experienced litigation solicitor for professional advice.

What if I have been injured on a Neighbours Property?

If you have had an accident and been injured through no fault of your own on a neighbour’s property or land, you may be entitled to make a Compensation Claim for Personal Injury.

Personal Injury claims could result from accidents in your neighbour’s house, including slips, trips or falls within the property. Alternatively you could have been injured by falling roof-tiles from your neighbour’s roof or been bitten by the neighbour’s dog.

Most householders will have a house insurance policy that covers them for public liability which covers another party who is in (or near) the insured person’s home and suffers injury or death.

How We Can Help You

Our Solicitors can advise on a variety of property law and neighbour dispute issues including:
  • Boundary, Fences & Wall Disputes
  • Trees & High Hedge Disputes
  • Noisy Neighbours & Children
  • Nuisance and Harassment
  • Party Wall Act
  • Access To Neighbouring Land
  • Rights of Way
  • Adverse possession claims
  • General anti-social behaviour
  • Accidents on neighbours property
This is a non-exhaustive list and disputes between neighbours cover many legal fields, in which various procedures are followed and different solutions are available.
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