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Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright Law)

What are Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright Law?

A companies IP rights could include the design of a new product; a brand name, image or logo; the design and function of a website; software or the content of documents or databases.

Copyright allows you to protect any form of original works that can be bought or sold and can be in almost any number of areas including:
  • Literary works: books; process manuals, web-pages, computer code

  • Artistic Works: Images, photographs, maps, technical drawings

  • Dramatic and Musical Works

  • Databases: Electronic and Paper

  • Sound recordings, films or broadcasts

What is Copyright?

In Legal terms Copyright is “the right to control copying”. Copyright is awarded automatically to the creator of the work, meaning you don't have to apply for it, but you may have to protect it. You are entitled sell or license the work which opens up various revenue streams. In short, copyright law grants owners of copyright exclusive statutory rights to exercise control over copying and other exploitation of the works.

How We Can Help You

If you believe you have been a victim of copyright infringement, our litigation solicitors can help you prevent this moving forward and explain your legal rights in defending it.

Our Litigation solicitors can aid the protection of your intellectual property and if necessary issue or respond to proceedings and represent you in the courts if the need arises. It is vital that your correct IP rights are not only recognised but implemented correctly to protect the core aspects of your business. Our experienced solicitors will help you recognise the advantages of copyright law, and the areas where copyright law is not the most suitable or secure form of protection, offering advice on alternative measures to safeguard your Intellectual Property.
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