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Breach of Confidence

The law on Breach of Confidence prevents the publication of such information when it has been given or obtained by a person in confidence.

Every day, confidential information is disclosed to various parties, and it is expected that those to whom you divulge such information will keep it confidential. This can cover many examples, including; Medical Records, Financial Information and Trade Secrets, it can also cover other information such as details of intimate relationships or private correspondence.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

If a business owner is considering releasing confidential information to another party, it may be considered advisable that they should enter into a non-disclosure agreement. NDA’s can be drawn up for many reasons and are usually done so for specific purposes. For example a joint venture might mean that one party needs to disclose financial information, technical processes, designs or software formulas to another party.

A correctly drafted NDA would provide peace of mind for the party releasing the information, they would be secure in the knowledge that the receiving party is legally prohibited from disclosing the information for any purpose other than that laid down in the NDA. Likewise a joint NDA may be required when both parties are sharing information and require equal protection.

Our experienced solicitors have worked closely with many businesses from small start-ups to major blue-chip corporations and our knowledge of drafting detailed, water-tight NDAs is second to none.

If you already have an Non-disclosure agreement in place, and you believe that confidential information has unlawfully been disclosed, you may be able to make a claim for breach of contract against the disclosing party for compensation. Our expert litigation department are on hand to provide all advice you need should this have occurred.

How We Can Help You

If you believe that confidential information about you or your business is about to be disclosed without your consent, our litigation solciitors can provide the necessary steps to prevent this. Or if you are aware that your rights to confidentiality have already been infringed, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for damages.

Our expert litigation solicitors can assist if you:
  • Have suffered a confidentiality infringement
  • Have Suffered a breach of your privacy law rights
  • Are being challenged with a breach of confidence
Our solicitors will assess your situation and provide straightforward advice on whether or not you have a potential Breach of Confidence claim and if need be, provide the necessary steps required to protect yourself and your business, tailoring the best possible solutions to suit your needs. This could be in the form of obtaining compensatory damages where a breach of confidence has already taken place or putting in to motion injunctions to protect confidential information.
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