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Points Accumulation

The UK’s system of penalising motor vehicle drivers for traffic violations works by assigning points for each type of violation and revoking the driver's licence if a certain number of points are accrued.

The following table shows how accumulating points will impact on you:

Points Accumulation & What You May Be Facing

0 Points Keep the first penalty points off your driving licence and stay in that lucky group of people with a clean driving licence! This will keep your Insurance Premiums to a minimum.
3 Points If you have been driving for less than 2 years you are on the verge of being disqualified and having to re-do both parts of your Driving Test again.
6 Points You are one conviction away from losing your licence i.e. if you’re convicted of Careless Driving or caught travelling at excessive speeds.
9 Points One more offence, such as travelling at a speed of 35mph in a 30mph zone and your driving licence is gone and you will be banned for 6 months.
12 Points You are facing a 6 month driving ban unless you have strong mitigation or special reasons.
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