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Driving Without Insurance

The area of law relating to Road Traffic Legislation and driving without insurance, is extremely complicated, therefore it is vital that you seek the advice of a specialist.

It is a criminal offence to use, or let someone else use, a vehicle with no valid insurance. The law states that a person must not “use” a motor vehicle on a road or other public highway unless you have at least third party insurance in place. If you are caught driving without insurance it can be punishable by 6-8 Penalty Points, a Discretionary Disqualification and a Fine of up to £5000.

Misconceptions of Insurance Offences

Many drivers get caught out with insurance offences because they think their fully comprehensive insurance policy covers them to drive a vehicle owned by another person with their permission. However, a lot of fully comprehensive insurance policies do not actually have this type of cover. This is sometimes called Permitting No Insurance and it is imperative that every time you drive either your vehicle or someone else’s that you are actually insured. It is also an offence to allow a person to drive your vehicle if they do not have insurance covering them for your vehicle.

How We Can Help You

Our Driving Law Solicitors are experts in defending motorists who have been accused of driving without insurance. After examining your case, we will identify any possible defences and if a 'special reasons argument' exists. Whatever your situation, our Driving Law solicitors will guide you through the right course of action, providing straightforward legal advice and assistance.
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