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Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving and Reckless Driving represent some of the most serious motoring offences that can carry some of the biggest penalties if convicted. The Road Traffic Act 1988 defines a Dangerous Driver as a person who’s driving falls far below that of a competent and careful driver and if it is obvious to a competent and careful driver that driving in that way would be dangerous.

Driving offences could include:
  • Racing or Competitive driving

  • Undertaking and overtaking where it is illegal or obviously dangerous

  • Deliberately ignoring traffic lights and other road signs

  • Driving a vehicle with a load which presents a danger to other road users

There are many more that can fall under this category and you should seek the advice of road traffic law specialist regarding these complicated legal definitions.

If You Are Guilty and Charged With Dangerous Driving you can be punishable by:

  • Up to 2 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine – or both

  • Disqualification is unavoidable and carries a mandatory minimum period of 12 months

  • Three to Eleven penalty points on your driving licence and a Compulsory Re-test before you can drive again

In serious cases, where a death has been caused by the dangerous driving, a maximum penalty of a 14-year jail term can be imposed.

How We Can Help You

Our Driving Law solicitors have a wealth of experience in handling alleged dangerous driving offences. If a guilty plea is the only option we will provide the services of our specialist mitigation lawyers who will ensure you receive the most lenient sentence possible. By working together we will obtain the best result for you. Our dedicated road traffic law solicitors are here to scrutinise the prosecution case and work out your chances of success and advise you on whether you should plead guilty or not guilty.

Careful case preparation and presentation is essential. We know what factors the court will and will not take into account and our expert motoring law department will leave no stone unturned in preparing your case. We know you are putting your future in our hands - a responsibility that we take seriously and if necessary we’ll instruct our own Accident Reconstruction Experts and/or Medical Experts to help win your case.
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