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Coroners Inquest

We understand you have been through a traumatic accident, a stressful Police Station interview and possibly a prosecution in the criminal courts and now you have to attend a Coroners Inquest where you will come face to face with the family of the deceased.

The police officers in charge of your case and the accident investigator will be present at the hearing. Anything you say at the Inquest can alter the prosecution charge against you, for example the charge can increase from Careless Driving to Death by Dangerous Driving or your evidence may provide the police with the information they need to charge you with an offence.

The purpose of any Inquest is to find out the identity of the deceased and to determine the cause of any violent, sudden or mysterious death. Often the deceased’s family will want to apportion blame on you; however this in not a court of blame and your barrister or solicitor will object to such questions.

How We Can Help You

Our experienced team of Driving Law solicitors are here to protect your interests, offering straightforward advice and guidance. During the coroners inquest, we will also ensure that only a limited amount of questions are put to you in the witness box as the Coroners Court is not a court of blame.
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