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Driving Law

Driving prosecutions will unfortunately affect most drivers at some point. However it does not always need to lead to a prosecution. At MTA Solicitors, our expert Solicitors have helped thousands of clients to defeat their potential prosecutions.

We will assign a specialist case handler who you will have direct access to throughout your case. If you have a defence, we will do our utmost to ensure you do not receive a prosecution. If you have no defence, our team will work to mitigate any penalty or fine.

Our Solicitors are adept at providing the best possible course of action for your situation and are here to help and support you through every stage, from reviewing documentation through to police interviews and court appearances.

We offer tailored legal advice and assistance for a wide range of driving offences. If you are facing prosecution, call us now on 020 8437 0731 or request a call back to arrange a time for us to call you.

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We have a range of funding options and fees which enable our clients to obtain the advice they need. 

Fee options include:
  • Fixed Fees for specific matters and tasks
  • Hourly rates, depending on complexity of the issues (you will have full transparency on work performed and how much the fees are on an ongoing basis)

Funding Options

When you speak to one of our team they will explore the best option for you and discuss appropriate payment terms, including:
  • Upfront or payment at the end of the matter, depending on the type of case and complexity
  • Weekly or monthly payments to suit your budget
  • Assistance with a loan through our finance partner
Contact us now on 020 8437 0731 or request a call back.
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