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Shareholders Agreements

Where the management of your Company is determined by the Board of Directors, certain key decisions (particularly anything relating to ownership) may need to be made by the Shareholders in General Meetings. Therefore, a Shareholders’ Agreement is important to determine the basis for important decision-making, to restrict the power of the Directors where necessary and to provide protection for the parties involved in the ownership of the Company.

In simple terms, a Shareholders’ Agreement sets out what the Shareholders allow the Directors to do. This is especially relevant for matters critical to the management of the Company, such as the power to appoint and dismiss Directors, to dismiss Shareholder Employees, to issue additional shares (which can dilute shareholdings), or to vary rights attaching to shares.

Our experienced Business & Commercial Solicitors can advise you on and draft a Shareholders’ Agreement to meet the specific requirements of your business, helping your company to manage critical decision-making smoothly while protecting the rights of all parties.

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