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Franchise Agreements

Franchising can be a great way for a business to expand while avoiding the investments and liability of building a chain. When setting up or buying a franchise, it is vital to seek legal advice from a specialist. A clear, thorough and well-defined Agreement setting out the terms of the franchise is essential to its success. Our experienced Business & Commercial Solicitors can help both Franchisors (business selling the franchise) and Franchisees (person buying the franchise), ensuring that the interests of all parties are properly represented and protected.

Who needs a Franchise Agreement?

  • Business owners who have created a strong reputation and template in a particular business sector, wanting to licence the use of that brand and template (Franchisor). Examples: a restaurant, dog walking service, exercise group, retail store, cupcake maker, party planner (anything really).
  • Individuals or businesses interested in purchasing a licence to use an existing brand, business model and know-how (Franchisee).

Franchisors commonly provide the Franchisee with standardised material, and templates which, under the terms of the Franchise Agreement, must be used by the Franchisee. This ensures consistency and best practice throughout the Franchise, allows the Franchisor to retain overall control of the brand and business model, and enables Franchisees to operate effectively within the terms Agreement.

How We Can Help

At MTA Solicitors, our experienced Business & Commercial Solicitors can help with a variety of services for both Franchisors and Franchisees

We can assist Franchisors with setting up a Franchise, including drafting the Franchise Agreement, as well as drafting or reviewing of all business documents, templates and other materials relating to the Franchise.

For Franchisees, we can review and advise on the terms of a Franchise Agreement presented by the Franchisor, including the obligations, duties, restrictions and benefits of the proposed Agreement.

We can also conduct reviews of existing Franchise Agreements and assist with the renewal or termination of a franchise.

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