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Employment Law

Our experienced Business and Commercial Solicitors offer a wide range of services to assist your business to comply with constantly updated statutory Employment legislation and regulation. We can also advise on processes you can adopt to ensure a fully compliant, protected and honorable business.

As a rule, we recommend best practice is for businesses to review and update Employment procedures and Terms of Contracts on a regular basis to ensure that they are fit for purpose, provide adequate protection for the Employer and comply with future amendments to Employment legislation.

Employee Handbook – an invaluable tool for Employers

Creating an Employee Handbook is a great way for businesses to set out all non-contractual issues relating to Employment, including key administrative procedures. By implementing and complying with the policies and procedures set out within it, you will minimise the risk of potential Employee legal or tribunal action, such as discrimination, harassment and unfair dismissal, and reduce the risk of having to appear before an Employment Tribunal, which can cost thousands of pounds.

In addition to all the topics which must be included in the Handbook, such as Maternity Leave and your Grievance Procedure, there are also optional clauses which you may choose to include. These can relate to company cars, dress code, alcohol and drug testing, bonus schemes, stress at work, or other relevant policies.

How We Can Help

At MTA Solicitors, our experienced Business and Commercial Solicitors can draft your entire handbook, simply advise you on the content that should be included, or review existing policies and handbooks to ensure they are compliant.

In addition to drafting your business-wide policies and procedures, we can also advise on, and draft, the following:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Job Offers
  • Staff Appraisal Forms
  • Employee Disciplinary / Misconduct Correspondence
  • Redundancy Correspondence
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