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Ending a Business

We understand that a business can come to an end for a variety of reasons - some bad, some good. Our specialist Business & Commercial Solicitors can help you with ending a business, whether it is the result of a Sale; a key person leaving; an insoluble dispute between the Directors, Shareholders, or Partners; or due to insolvency. Whatever the cause, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Sale of Business, Merger or Acquisition

The sale of a business is often the best outcome, especially if your company is bought by a larger business for a very profitable sum. Consulting an experienced Business & Commercial Solicitor to get the Sale Agreement right will help ensure you receive what you are due and that all loose ends are tied up correctly.

Key Person Leaving

The departure of a key person (often a founding director / shareholder / partner), whether they are retiring, unable to carry on, or simply decide to leave, can be a very delicate time for a business. Who owns what? What rights and responsibilities does everyone have? What is the best way forward for the business? These questions all need to be dealt with. The right legal advice from an experienced Business Solicitor can help resolve matters quickly and achieve the best outcome for all concerned.

Directors / Shareholders / Partners Disagreement

Like a divorce, this can be acrimonious. There are often arguments as to who has, or has not, carried out their statutory or contractual duties to the company, who owns what goods and who has loaned what money to whom. Early legal advice from a specialist Solicitor can help clarify matters and stop the situation escalating.


There are many types of company insolvency, including Administration, Administrative Receivership, Company Voluntary Arrangements, or Voluntary / Compulsory Liquidation. In all of these, the Directors or Shareholders could face claims against them personally.

How We Can Help

At MTA Solicitors, our experienced Business & Commercial Solicitors can provide expert legal advice on ending a business, helping you to determine the best course of action and achieving a positive outcome as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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