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Company Formation

Our experienced Business Law Solicitors can help your company to start out on the right track with support and advice to guide you through the formation and early stages of your company. Their knowledge and experience can help you to establish sound legal foundations and structures for your business, while protecting you from potential pitfalls and expensive mistakes.

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Memorandum of Understanding / Head of Terms / Letters of Intent

You can establish a sound foundation for your business as an entity with professionally drafted documents which set out all parties’ intentions, but no party is legally bound unless the document stipulates so, i.e. “Intended to be Legal Bound”. You can use this as a ‘working document’ until everyone is happy with all the terms, then the phrase above can be inserted to make the document legally binding until you have the formal contracts drawn up by lawyers.

These documents allow the parties to negotiate terms, procedures, responsibilities, suppliers, profit sharing, joint ventures, director responsibilities, contractual conditions (the list is endless), setting out what they want to achieve, or their intentions, for the Agreement or Contract that will follow.

How do these documents benefit your business?

Putting in place documents like a Memorandum of Understanding, Head of Terms or Letter of Intent helps to focus the parties and reduce the need to make changes to formal legal Agreements at a later stage, which can be costly.

Our experience has shown that drafting informal documents like these, or even just advising or guiding clients at this stage, helps to ensure that the final Contracts or Agreements match the Client’s, and the Business’, best interest and objectives.

We understand that this pre-Contract stage can be daunting, particularly for those entering the business arena for the first time. As a business owner, you will benefit significantly from the process, gaining a better understanding of the workings and effect of each clause proposed for inclusion in the formal legal Contract, as you have gone through the informal process of putting the Contract together with your lawyer, step by step and without unhelpful legal jargon.

To speak to our Business team, call us now on 0208 437 0731 or request a call back and we will call you back.
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