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What is Constructive Dismissal?

Jun 06 2016
Constructive Dismissal is back in the news once again as the employment tribunal involving former Chelsea FC first team doctor Eva Carneiro and the club’s then manager José Mourinho begins in Croydon this week. But what exactly is Constructive Dismissal, how is it different from Unfair Dismissal, and what can you do if it happens to you?

Employment Law Changes

Apr 28 2016
Four months into 2016 and employers have begun to feel the impact of the employment law reforms. Reforms such as public sector exit payments and the national living wage are coming into force, as well as other changes employers will need to be aware of.

With to employment law constantly changing, it’s vital for employers to keep up to date to ensure that they continue to act lawfully.

To help, here's our guide to the key employment law changes of 2016:

Siblings awarded 13 million after birth complications

Mar 11 2016
Two siblings have been awarded £13 million between them after they were both left brain damaged at birth due to the same hospital’s negligence. The siblings, born 17 months apart, were both starved of oxygen at birth and as a result suffer from cerebral palsy.

Robin Williams family in estate dispute

Mar 11 2016
Robin Williams’ late wife is in a legal dispute with his children over the division of his assets. Before his death in August 2014, Robin Williams had a Will in place that stipulated how he wanted his $45million fortune to be divided, but now his widow is contesting it.

Clinical Negligence claims you wont believe

Mar 11 2016
We’re all guilty of having the odd bad day at the office when we feel like we could kick ourselves for silly mistakes made at work. Whilst causing a major printing jam can be inconvenient for the whole office, it will soon enough be forgotten; however mistakes made in the medical world are a little harder to forgive.

Dont get stuck with faulty goods.Make sure you know your consumer rights

Mar 11 2016
A new Which? survey out today reveals that shoppers in the UK lose out on an estimated £1.2 billion a year by not exercising their rights to return goods.

All consumers have rights under Consumer Protection law, The Sales of Goods Act and Product Liability Law along with any issues relating to specific policies including:

Are you Cohabiting?

Jan 28 2016
According to the Office for National Statistics more than 6 million couples in the UK cohabit (live together in a sexual relationship unmarried). Contrary to belief however, the Law does not provide cohabitor’s with the same rights as a married couple.
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